History Timeline


February 1

February 2016

Weslake completes the development of its own range of very lightweight heavy fuel power plants and continues testing in specialist applications.
February 1

February 2014

Weslake undertakes to complete the design and development of a very lightweight 3 cylinder diesel engine.
February 1

February 2013

The many years experience designing and testing various sizes of light weight Opposed Piston Diesel engines from 80 to 750HP for various applications have led to a decision by Weslake management to manufacture their own range of these ultra-lightweight fuel efficient diesel engines.
February 1

February 2006

Weslake instructed by client to design light-weight Opposed Piston diesel engine as alternative powerplant to Rotax 912 S.
February 1

February 2001

Design and manufacture super-lightweight (29kg) 60HP 4 stroke twin for Military UAV application.
February 1

February 1996

Commence design of Opposed Piston Diesel engine for Client as Continental O-200 replacement. This engine used in various small airship, UAV and light aircraft applications.
February 1

February 1995

Design Excelsior Henderson V twin Motorcycle engine.
February 1

February 1993

Design of 62HP ultra-light 4 stroke twin for light aircraft applications (made under license in USA).
February 1

February 1989

Weslake design and manufacture first known successful series of Scotch Yoke engines. These were featured on BBC’s “Tomorrows World” and fully evaluated by Volkswagen and Ford (USA).
February 1

February 1987

Design and manufacture a range of ultra-light 4-stroke horizontal twins that are used to power UAV and microlight aircraft.
February 1

February 1981

Bruce Penhall wins first of his two World Speedway Finals on Weslake.
February 1

February 1980

Design of the Hesketh 1000cc V Twin Motorcycle engine.
February 1

February 1978

Harry Weslake died.
February 1

February 1976

Peter Collins wins the 1976 Speedway World Final on a Weslake bike. Harry Weslake awarded Segrave Medal.
February 1

February 1972

Weslake Ford Capri wins its class at Le Mans and won all but one round of the European Touring car championship outright in the same year.
February 1

February 1970

Weslake manufacture the Cologne RS2600 engine fitted to the Ford Capri. Weslake prepare engines for many of the World Offshore Powerboat racers including World Championship winning team driven by Bobby Gentry.
February 1

February 1969

Ford GT40 MK1 fitted with Weslake cylinder head wins at Le Mans.
February 1

February 1968

Ford GT40 MK1 fited with Weslake cylinder head wins at Le Mans.
February 1

February 1967

Eagle Weslake wins Belgium Formula 1 and race of champions at Brands Hatch.